HipDisk external hard drive and case

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HipDisk stands for external hard drives in 2.5 inch format with individually interchangeable... mehr

HipDisk stands for external hard drives in 2.5 inch format with individually interchangeable silicone cases in various designs.

The HipDisk hard drives serve as mobile and portable data stores in conjunction with designer silicone covers. It is a reliable storage medium and bootable disk for on the go with ultra-fast data transfer rates thanks to USB 3.0. It aims to protect your stored data from various physical environmental influences in a space-saving manner.

Stand out – The interchangeable protective case is available in three modern designs and 5 colored variations. This means you will no longer confuse your external hard drive with anyone else. In addition, you set new trends with your HipDisk and become an eye-catcher. 


High functionality with useful properties – The shock absorbing shell of the HipDisk protects the external hard drive from scratches, shocks and other dirt. You can connect the product quickly and directly to your PC without having to remove the external hard drive from the protective device in advance. Thanks to the Plug & Play feature, it is also ready for use immediately. Furthermore, the water-repellent silicone sleeve nestles closely with the external hard drive and thus becomes a real space saver in your pocket. 


Maximum transfer rates – USB 3.0 allows you to retrieve and store your files at top speed. The integrated chipset allows data transmission of up to 400 MB per second. Furthermore, the USB port provides the power supply to the HipDisk. A separate power supply is not required. 


High-capacity universal genius – The 2.5 inch small HipDisk can connect you to all devices with USB port as it works independently of the system. It can be ordered in the following storage capacities: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB as HDD and 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB as SSD.

Brand HipDisk
Article weight 81,6 g
Packing dimension 18,4 x 13,4 x 3,8 cm
Model number HD-BL-00
Color Blau
Size 2.5 Inches
Hard drive interface USB 3.0


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